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Although Iceland’s climate is not as severe as its name would suggest, its North Atlantic location does bring plenty of rain and snow, producing huge glaciers. The summer melt feeds many rivers, which because of the topography thunder down over countless waterfalls. From the mighty Detifoss, in north-eastern Iceland, reputed to be Europe’s most powerful waterfall, to small cascades.

One of the largest waterfalls in Iceland and a magnet for tourists is Gullfoss (Golden Falls) on the Hv�t� River, in the southwest of the island. On a sunny day the mists thrown up by the falls are filled with all the colours of the rainbow. A superb spectacle.

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Iceland boasts an unusually large number of waterfalls for its size – you could dedicate an entire holiday to touring the waterfalls alone. At Seljalandsfoss, you can walk behind the water. Godafoss is very wide. Glymur is very tall at 196m. Dynjandi falls in multiples levels and fans out wider and wider and it goes. Hraunsfossar is a series of smaller rivulets all cascading over the same rock. Svartifoss comes pouring out of square columns of basalt. The list goes on. One thing that’s certain: no matter how much you look at the pictures of these waterfalls, you’ll never know what it’s like to feel their spray on your face or hear their roar in your ears until you actually stand next to them. And then, you’re certain to be awed.

There are many tour guides operating trips to see the waterfalls. Start in Reykjavik, take a day tour on a bus, take a self-drive option and spend days in the wilderness – the options are endless.

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